Prepare for
the fight!

Shepherd Of The Night Game project. Version Alpha 1.0

Hi guys! Finally we came to this exciting moment – Shepard of the Night alpha version is available for testing!

It took approximately 80 hours to create such stuff and I am very happy and proud of myself. Of course if I were an experienced programmer it would take 10 times less, but this is my first project and here I polish all the knowledge I got from the books. Everything I did I did for the first time.

So what we have now?

Currently game has the following functions:

1) Map is scrollable through mouse movements and arrow keys.

2) Characters move to the point and try not to jump on each other.

3) Selection can be done through single clicks on each character or rectangular frame for multiple selection.

4) Different selection animation for enemy and friendly units.

Considering the code the game consists of several blocks such as selection.js, moving.js, scroll.js and so on. Every block takes responsibility for a piece of functions. All blocks connect to each other through the main block called “game.js” using a few global variables.

For now that is all.  2 main things which are left to call it the game are fighting logic and ability to move through and around obstacles. There will not be a lot of hindrances, I promise, but still they will be, and my characters must be able to handle them at some point.

About moving – not be confused that my units move very clumsy and animation is very poor. Artificial intelligence and computer animation are all beyond the scope of this project. These are separate areas of programming which I do not intend to master for now. The goal of this work is simply to solidify on practice all the knowledge I got during the last year and get real practical skills, to feel and taste as much possibilities and functions as JavaScript can provide.

So now push the play button and try my very first project in action. Good luck!