Prepare for
the fight!

Shepherd Of The Night Game project. Version Alpha 2.0

Hi everybody! Almost a month has passed since the publication of the first alpha version of the SOD and now I am glad to present you a next generation of this wonderful game - alpha_2.0!

Huge amount of improvements been made for the last 4 weeks. Here is a short list:

1) Health bars over the characters appear and disappear on mouse hover;

2) Introduction of two units of opposite faction – Baltazar and Uter.

3) Now characters can attack and kill each other (if target is its enemy);

4) Morane finally got a distant attack!;

5) All units get experience from the kill and gain levels which increase their characteristics;

6) Completely changed moving logic using Bresenham's line algorithm. Now moves became smoother and units can walk at any angle (earlier it was possible  only at 0, 45 or 90 degrees);

7) Desing of the user panel. Now it shows mana and health bars, experience bars, general characteristics of the unit and minimap (not working yet);

Considering backside changes, which are not seen by the player, I would like to mention rewriting of the most functions of the game making them methods of the object. Most of the code was united into global object Units, which contains all the properties and methods of all the characters in the game. Here are the several examples  of how it works:

units.alucard.move(x, y);            - it  makes Alucard to go to the point x, y.

units.uter.target_id(alucard);               - assign Alucard as a target of Uter.

units.uter.attack();         - commands Uter to attack its target

All the methods are prototype inherited, that means all the heroes share the same abilities (like walk, attack and so on).

So now it is getting a real object-oriented programming and not goddamnknowswhat as it was before.

Additionally we have a view object which takes care about all updates in user interface. For example:

view.updateManaLifeBars();     - updates mana and life bars on the panel;