Prepare for
the fight!

Shepherd Of The Night Game project. Version Beta 1.0

What’s up guys! Finally this joyful day has come. Today I issued a beta release of my mega project Shepard Of the Night and now it looks like a real game. So what new has been added? As usual plenty of changes  has been introduced. Among them there are the intro and outro, start menu, game starting and finishing animation, another rewriting of moving function and many many other small and big amendments.

Finally I feel satisfied with what I did and how it looks. Now with clear conscious I can make a pause and turn to the next step in my programming education - begin to study JQuery. It is an important and necessary part on my way to become a real programmer.  It will help me to write more code with fewer strings and therefore focus on general problems not on the little details.

 Of course I’m not going to stop working on the Shepard of the Night project. It should become a good test platform for coding technologies I will get know in the future. After I learn JQuery, I will return to my game again to implement another bunch of new features. Here are some of them:

1) Quests (with neutral NPCs);

2) Super strikes (like critical strike, on-area damage and healing). Finally we will use mana.

3) Multiplayer game!

So wish me good luck and let’s go!