Prepare for
the fight!

Shepherd Of The Night Game project. Version Beta 2.0

Hi, everybody! 4 months have passed since I published the last version of the game, and now the time has come to upload a new one – please welcome Beta 2.0

So what was done? First of all I finished reading book “jQuery in Action, Third Edition” and began to gradually implement it in my project. Not everywhere it was possible, but where it was, it was quite fun. I can’t say that I was completely impressed by it, in fact everything you do with JQuery you can do with clear vanilla JavaScript, but I can’t deny it spares some time and allows you to concentrate on more important things.

In general, of course, it was pleasant experience.

So what was implemented new in the recent version? Here is our usual list:

1) Morane – Heal ability. Now she can heal all her friends.

2) Alukard – Power blow. Powerful strike 4 times stronger than a simple one. Usually it finishes the enemy at once.

3) Uter – Damage on area. Hit nearby enemies by the blast wave.

4) Health and mana points gradually restore. It takes 5 min to get full health and mana.

4) Minimap – it represents the real map and has a screen frame showing your current location. For now, it is just a JPEG screenshot of the map made using large zoom out, but at first, the idea was to make the minimap image generated interactively and represent the real location of game objects. For example, if you remove a tree in the Editor mode, the tree should disappear on the minimap, and if you add tree – it should appear. I implemented interactive minimap using SVG – trees were made using little green circles, but unfortunately it made the game freeze very much while scrolling, so I had to return to a static picture. Probably in this particular case (a lot of objects, and a little size of the SVG block) using canvas will be preferable. I will try to implement it later, but by now, simple JPEG screenshot will do.

Many of these new staff was created using SVG graphics. To manipulate SVG this time I used Snap library – very helpful thing. Without Snap it would take much more time and strings of code.

All these abilities and functions where created using JQuery as much as possible. So now, I feel like to begin to create multiplayer part of my game. For these probably I should study Node.js. And this is what I am going to do now.