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Moving to Firebase and Google Cloud Platform

Hi guys! Really the end of March turned out to be very rich for different events and one of them is moving to a new hosting.

My last hosting https://neocities.org/ was great. Free of charge, fast, providing https for free and quite understandable for the beginner interface it was like a miracle. Everything seemed good until I tried to publish Video effects App which contains 2 video files. It turned out that free account does not include possibility to upload video! Thinking that I am smarter than everyone I tried to change extension from .mp4 to .txt. But it failed=(( Service turned out to be not as silly as I thought and somehow noticed that the file is still a video.

I was very upset and began to search for a new hosting. My requirements were quite demanding: free https and possibility to upload video (or better any file I like). It turned out to be almost impossible to find something for free with such vast demands but finally I encountered a solution. Generally speaking it’s not completely free of charge but it’s so cheap that even me, a person who have not ever payed for anything in Internet, chose it. Especially if you own a very little test site. So what is it? Well, this solution is Google Cloud Platform. It provides you with almost unlimited capabilities for hosting you website or webapp . Basic set of functions is free and it is more than enough for usual person. You pay only for traffic and functions you use. So if your site is rarely visited and does not contain complicated application generating tons of traffic it will take almost nothing to pay. Moreover the first year is free of pay.

So how to host you site on GCP? At first you should create a Google account ( I bet you already have at least one), than create a project. After it install the Firabase CLI and connect your project to Firebase (or vice versa). Now you can update you website from your local computer folder just typing «firebase deploy» in the command prompt. Full video lessons are available on YouTube.

Additionally I bought a domain name in a .club zone for less than 1.5$ and connected it to my website. Now it looks more professional.

So now I am fully prepared to deploy any application on a reliable and substantial platform (I cannot say hosting company). The least thing left is to write this application:).

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