Let the
Battle begins!

Rules of the Battleship game

Game goes against the computer, but unlike in a real paper version your opponent cannot shoot at you. Your task is to sink all the ships which computer hid somewhere.
Every ship contains 3 cells. It means if you hit the ship, there should be 2 more cells nearby. Hit them and the ship will sink. If you hit - the ship icon appears. If you miss – the MISS does. There are 3 ships in total. In the end when you sink all the ships computer will show you how many attempts it has taken.
Type the cell number, for example B5 and push Enter until all the ships go to the bottom. Letters must be capital, because I have not written the code to process small letters yet. In the top left corner computer will write its comments regarding the ship is sunk (Sunk) or not.
You may ask “Hey! And where are cheats?” Of course, my little brats, I got some cheats for you. Open the browser console and type model.ships then go along the tree of code and in the end you will find where computer hid the ships. The ship will be presented as 3 numbers, for example 25, 26, 27, where the first digit in the number is a number of letter (row) beginning with zero. For example 0 is A, 1 is B, 2 is C and so on. And the second digit is a number of column itself. Type it and sink’em all!!!