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Hey! What's up guys! My name is Jaga Jaga. I am a novice programming bungler and I will post my balderdash here, for one day become a real professional developer.


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17 August 2020

MySQL database connected

Hi everyone! Recently I studied MySQl database and connected it to my Your Favorite Places project. Now all the information about places is kept in this database. It was not very difficult, but searching for free database hosting took some time.

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02 June 2020

Your favorite places – Angular app

Hi guys! In May I graduated from the IT-Academy courses in Minsk. It was a 3 months course which teaches you of React and Angular. I already had some experience in React, so I chose to make my gradational project in the Angular.

Here it is – a Your Favorite Places application. This is a website where a user can add a place of interest in any location on the map uploading his personal photos and sharing his experiences. Other included features are filtering by the author, latitude and longitude, searching by the name of the place, sorting places of interest in alphabetical and reverse order. For visual representation I used Angular Material library. Program sends and receives data from remote server. Authentication is provided by Okta authentication server. Main features are covered by tests.

I received a top mark (10) for it :) It is a little step toward my goal. So now I completely ready to begin to search for...oh my gosh...my first programming job! Wish me good luck. I will need it.

Your favorite places Your favorite places picture

12 March 2020

React - ShearSlabCalc

After almost 9 months of hard working, my long anticipated React-based ShearSlabCalc project is finished. It calculates reinforced concrete slabs for shear force in accordance with Russian Building Code SP 63.13330.2012.

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15 June 2019

Multiplayer is available!

Finally multiplayer works fine and you can test it now. Socket.IO appeared user friendly and did not bring a lot of troubles during the development prosess

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09 March 2019

Creating a simple chat using Socket.IO

I made a first step on my way to creating a multiplayer part of the game. And this step is creating a simple server, deployment of it in the Internet, and making a simple application which can sent some requests to it and get some responses.

The key part of JS multiplayer is a Socket.IO library. And the simplest app you can made with it is a chat. So I implemented it using multiple teaching sources such as Youtube, documentation, blogs etc. and deployed it on the Google Cloud Platform.

Together with it, I had to take a look on Node.JS, Bootstrap, Express and other tutoring lessons to successfully implement this project. So here it is. Push the button, enter your nickname and join conversation!

Join chat Socket.IO chat

09 February 2019

Shepherd Of The Night. Beta 2.0

Time is running on and developing does not stand still. Heal, Powerblow, Blastwave… Check out the new abilities added in a new version of my super game – Shepherd Of The Night.

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11 November 2018

Shepherd Of The Night. Beta 1.0

Beta 1.0 is available! Besides it was finished at the beginning of September 2018 it is only now when I found time to publish it in my blog, because of lack of free time, which I spend to study JQuery. Nevertheless, blog is very important to mark my milestones so here it is!

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14 July 2018

Shepherd Of The Night. Alpha 3.0

After so many hours of coding I can definitely say that I already can distinguish the end on the horizon! Soon the beta test will begin.

But by now - Alpha 3 is coming!

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05 June 2018

Shepherd Of The Night. Alpha 2.0

Hello! I guess you are looking forward to see my new version of Shepard of the Night! I am glad to inform you - it is ready for testing!

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08 May 2018

Shepherd Of The Night. Alpha 1.0

Hi guys! Finally we came to this exciting moment – Shepard of the Night alpha 1.0 version is available for testing!

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13 April 2018

Make your JavaScript app desktop!

Wonder how to make a desktop application out of your JavaScript files? It is possible with Electron framework. Read how to do it just in 5 minutes.

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08 April 2018

Sticky Notes App

Morning my friends! Today I finished polishing my new application - Sticky Notes. I consider this as a preparation before writing my own super project - Shepherd Of The Night. And now I feel I am almost ready. So try it and enjoy!

Sticky Notes App Sticky Notes App

31 March 2018

Moving To GCP and Firebase

Hi everybody! Read about the last important event - moving to Firebase and Google Cloud Platform. I changed the hosting again.

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30 March 2018

This month is 1 Year of Studying Celebration! Congratulation!

Thank you very much guys who congratulated me with such an exiting event in my life! This March it turns 1 year since I decided to become a programmer. It's already a term so I am ready to make some intermediate conclusion. Read about it and how it happened in this article!

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29 March 2018

Video effects App

Hello! Try my new video effects program! It was made by instructions from the book ”Head First HTML5 Programming” . Now it contains 4 video effects: noir, sci-fi, bwcartoon and western. You can test them on 2 demovideos saved on the server. Soon I hope I will introduce possibility to upload your own file and save changes. But for now it’s what I have. Enjoy it!

Try it! Video Effects

1 March 2018

Twitter API issues

Hi everybody! Last week I attempted to grasp Twitter API. The idea was to connect to preferred Twitter account, get its posts and publish them on my webpage. However, it appeared not as simple as I thought. There are a couple of obstacles, which forced me to put it temporarily aside and resume studying other JS topics. Let’s go through these issues in detail.

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07 January 2018

Geolocation stuff

Hi guys! Last week a great amount of work was done. At first, I relocated my site to a new hosting https://neocities.org/. The only reason, which forced me to do so, is that Neocities provides https hosting for free. And I don’t used to pay for anything in Internet.
Probably you don't know what all this "http and https" means, so here is a shot answer: "S" in the end of "https" stands for "secure". It means henceforth traffic between you and my website is encrypted and nobody can read it except you and me.
You may say: "Well, but what is this all fuss for? I don't care if somebody wants to read traffic between your bloody site and my damn computer. I am not a secret agent. I don't have anything what may interest potential violator”. Yes, to some point you are right. But such companies like Google and Yandex do care about your private data (or, at least, pretend to). They do not allow using their maps on your website until it does not encrypt data transferred from its visitors. And, learning how to install Google maps was exactly what I intended to study last week. So that is why I had to change hosting.
Well. The second step was to learn how to implement all this map code. It forced me to learn stuff like "callback functions" and "asynchronous functions". Both are used to display Google and Yandex maps correctly and additionally try to determine your location. So here it is. Push the button and see how it works.

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24 December 2017

Head First JavaScript Programming finished! Congratulations!

Thank you! Thank you guys, who congratulated me with so much important event in my life. Yes, today I finished reading the last pages of the really magnum opus of eminent author Eric Freeman "JavaScript for Complete Idiots" ”Head First JavaScript Programming” book. So what is next? Really, I am all agog to begin to write my fundamental coursework "Shepherd of the Dark", which I announced previously. But now I understand that using only my current knowledge will make my code clumsy and cumbersome (yet, I must admit, working). Therefore, I decided to get through another book from the same series - ”Head First HTML5 Programming” . This will polish my JS skills and make me to the next step - learning jQuery (it will be a little bit later).
So for now wish me good luck and may the force be with me=)

Head First HTML5 Programming

28 November 2017

Shepherd Of The Night Game project

Hi guys! Today I got an idea, about creating a project which would serve as a representation of my JS skills. It should be like a coursework where I can implement and polish every theoretical knowledge I got from reading ”Head First JavaScript Programming” book

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20 November 2017

Try my new super game!

Well, today I knocked up a not too shubby game. It's called The Battleship.

Try it! BattleShip

20 November 2017

Starting a website

Today I surfed the Web and rustled up a site on free website templates site. I altered it in accordance with my needs, deleted a pile of unnecessary rubbish and now I have my own mega site! Here I will publish all the nonsense I will write on my way to becoming a programmer.

My site