Full speed

How it happened

March 2016 – I am preparing to leave Belarus and move to work to Australia. It’s a good country, with high level of life, good salaries, warm climate and ocean nearby. But I saw like grannies love my son. They would be very unhappy if our family move abroad forever. But in Belarus it is impossible to find a decent job if you are not an IT guy. How can I enter this high-paid area? I’m not a programmer. I am a structural engineer. Is it possible to retrain? How long will it take? Do I need to get a university degree?
Finally I read several forums about this topic, and the information I got was quite reassuring. The main point is you do not need to graduate from the university to become a programmer. Courses will be enough to begin with.
It was great news, so I set to work. Because of absence of money for courses, I decided to study myself using books.
After making some assessment about what programming language to start with I chose HTML and CSS, then I moved to JavaScript, and now I study the 2nd JavaScript programming book. At first it was hard to find free time for education. My little son prevented me from doing it. He crawled on my knees, called me to play or read book. Gradually I have found a solution. I went to sleep quite early, somewhere between 10 and 11 PM and woke up early at 6 AM, while everybody slept. Eventually I got approximately 1 hour of studying every day which means 8 hours per week. That is quite good, I think.
So by now I see that I learned quite a lot. It’s a big chunk of material. I feel much more confident in this area. But still so much is left. So let’s not wasting time! Open the book, run the Notepad++ and go ahead to a new profession which will bring me and my family to a better and happier life.

If I am awake I code