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React – ShearSlabCalc project

What's up guys! 9 months had passed since my last post where, as you remember, I announced about my intensions to study React. All this long time I did not stop coding but what I really did was not connected with React directly. ShearSlabCalc project – not React – took most of this time.

Application appeared quite good. It immediately recalculates the result when any initial data is changed, draws the sketch of the column section, considers reinforcement bars, openings and nearby slab edges. But most importantly it creates a Word .docx report with all evaluations.

Out of these 9 months, 3 were spent to React itself, 3 – for writing 90% of the ShearSlabCalc code and the last 3 months I spent trying to write the last 10% of the code, that means trying to figuring out reliable algorithm to calculate openings properly. It is not a big deal to calculate one opening. But when it comes to several openings overlapping each other everything gets very tricky.

I am this type of guy who cannot stop until job is finished, but at the end of February I told myself it’s enough. I need to put a period, and move forward. I fixed all the bugs I managed to find and polish the behavior as much as I could. Yes, I was not able to figure out how to calculate angels more the 180 degrees but I provided a comprehensive workaround and frankly speaking angle more than 180 degrees is a very rear situation almost never happening in real life.

So now, when the ShearSlabCalc is finished, though not as perfectly as expected, I can finally lift this burden from my shoulders and move forward – to the Angular.

By the way - I went to React and Angular courses in IT-academy in Minsk. My studying is gradually coming to the end and I feel I need some legal certificate to provide to my future employer. This summer I am going to search for a real programming job…

React - ShearSlabCalc